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Paper Now

  'Bronwyn Berman studied at the College of fine Arts, University of NSW and has exhibited in major group exhibitions including the Montalto Sculpture Prize, Sculpture by the Sea and the Willoughby Sculpture Prize.  Berman is interested in the natural world and way archetypes of natural forms such as the hexagon posess multiple meanings.  Berman employs the technique of poker work to etch out the motif from the various handmade papers, making reference to the craft technique commonly used in traditional artistic and cultural practices.  Echidna quills collected from the roadside and feathers from a lyrebird killed by a fox are assembled alongside mass-produced dressmakers pins and glass beads.  The hexagon also speaks of bees, and it is bees wax that binds and induces transparency to the fine paper layers.  Bees have long been a symbol of community endeavour, of love and harmony, and the wax, the substance that binds, speaks of our common bond as humans and of the interconnectedness of all things.'

Extract from the exhibition catalogue.

Exhibition curated by Alison Clarke.

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