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Woven Landscape


This work is titled Woven Landscape: Time is the substance from whic I am made. It is an expression of the interwovenness of all cultures.

I became interested in the process of making contact prints when I began researching for this exhibition.  I liked the idea of the plant material being able to be fused into the paper, and that in the process the paper is boiled.  I felt that I was able to make sense of water as sculptural form in a way that was meaningful to this exhibition, of making sense of my relationship to the land and place, and to Bev and her work, to the fact that we live on different sides of the mountain in so many ways.

The stitching that holds this work together represents nine hexagram forms ramdomly selected from the book of the i ching.

Woven Landscapes: Time is the substance from which I am made

This work is available for purchase POA


5000, x 1490
Contact print, sisal twine.
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