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Half Moon Pendant, crystal


Transparent Half Moon

These sculptural pendants are inspired by my ongoing inquiry into geometric form.  

In a circle inside a square the 'half moon' of Japanese glass beads floats in a hand formed architectural grade stainless steel frame and between transparent layers of high clarity scratch resistant shinkolite.   The work comes beautifully packaged in an artisan made Japanese Pauwlonia wood box, the same boxes have been used for centuries in Japan for storing valuable artifacts.

Each piece is assembled by hand by the artist.

The pendant is 50mm x 50mm x 8mm and is supplied on a 45cm neoprene cord. It is designed to sit at the base of the throat. The fixing is high quality stainless steel.

Price: $350

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50mm x 50mm x 8mm on a 45cm cord
shinkolite, stainless steel, antique czech crystal beads neporene
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